Advanced Inorganic Chemistry – Volume II” is a comprehensive textbook that delves into the intricate world of inorganic chemistry, offering advanced insights into various aspects of the field. Authored by Satya Prakash, this volume serves as a valuable resource for students, researchers, and professionals seeking a deeper understanding of inorganic chemistry.

In this second volume, readers can expect to find an in-depth exploration of topics such as:

  1. Coordination Chemistry: The book delves into the principles of coordination chemistry, covering topics such as ligand field theory, crystal field theory, and the spectroscopic properties of coordination compounds.
  2. Organometallic Chemistry: Organometallic compounds, their synthesis, structure, and reactivity are discussed in detail. Readers will gain insights into the unique bonding interactions between metal and organic ligands.
  3. Bioinorganic Chemistry: The volume explores the role of metal ions in biological systems, including metalloenzymes, metalloproteins, and the bioinorganic chemistry of essential elements in living organisms.
  4. Lanthanides and Actinides: The chemistry of lanthanides and actinides, including their electronic configurations, properties, and applications, is covered comprehensively.
  5. Non-Aqueous Solvents: The use of non-aqueous solvents in inorganic chemistry and their implications are discussed, providing a broader perspective on reaction mechanisms and reactivity.
  6. Inorganic Reaction Mechanisms: Readers will find detailed explanations of various inorganic reaction mechanisms, enhancing their understanding of reaction pathways and kinetics.
  7. Special Topics: The book includes sections on special topics, which may vary by edition, but can include subjects such as catalysis, clusters, and materials chemistry.

“Advanced Inorganic Chemistry – Volume II” by Satya Prakash offers a rigorous and detailed exploration of these advanced inorganic chemistry topics, providing a strong foundation for those interested in pursuing further studies or research in the field. This textbook is known for its clarity, comprehensive coverage, and relevance to contemporary advancements in inorganic chemistry.