Level: Ph.D
Field: Coordination Chemistry

In order to get admission in a reputed university situated in China, One should have the information about available scholarships. Like S. Korea and Japan, there are two types of scholarships in China:

  1. Scholarships from Supervisor’s project 
  2. Scholarships offered by the Chinese Government 
For both scholarships,  the first task of a candidate is to manage a supervisor. In order to manage a supervisor, candidate needs to find out some address (i.e e-mail address) of  teachers/researchers        ( Professors, Associate Professors and Assistant Profeesors), after collecting their addresses (During this process, candidate should contact some Professors, whose research work matches with his M.Sc. thesis work, for this purpose candidate should read their recent publications), candidate has to send e-mail to them mentioning deep interest to join their lab (Send them separately, don’t send e-mail to them as C.C.  Remember, you may not get  reply immediately from them, you have to wait about 1/2 weeks, after that you can send your second e-mail). You can ask something about their ongoing research works or something related to their published papers by sending e-mail.  You can send your e-mail to the following addresses ( All are doing research in the fields of co-ordination chemistry):
Coordination Chemistry (China)