This article helps you how to reduce up to 10 Kgs of body weight and can get a flat belly in one month only by drinking a glass of water. This remedy is highly effective and will surely help you out. So to prepare this remedy, you will need one glass or around 400 mL of lukewarm water and a pinch of salt (but if you are suffering from high BP problems then you can skip adding salt in lukewarm water) and stir it until the salt dissolves into the water completely.

You have to drink it twice on an empty stomach in a day once in the morning before having breakfast and once at night before going to sleep. Lukewarm water not only helps to lose weight faster but also it can solve many of your health issues. Drinking a glass of warm water immensely helps to lose weight and belly fat. Warm water increases body temperature, which therefore increases the metabolic rate and allows the body to burn more calories. In addition, water can heal your body by aiding digestion and also people’s premature aging. Adding a pinch of salt into warm water can also cure gastric problems, acidity indigestion, and heartburns. Warm water considered to be nature’s most powerful home remedy that can heal your body and if you follow this remedy regularly it will definitely lose up to 10 kgs of weight in one month and can also get rid of many of your severe health issues!