Level: Undergraduate and Graduate ( MSc. and Ph.D)

University: Different Universities in S. Korea
No. of Scholarships:
For Undergraduate: 170
For Graduate: 700


Both an applicant and his/her parents must be citizens of their country of origin.
-Applicants should not hold Korean citizenship.
– Applicants should have adequate health, both mentally and physically, to stay in a foreign country for a long time.
– Should be under 25 years of age at the date of entrance. (Undergraduate)
– Should be under 40 years of age at the date of entrance. (Graduate)
– Have finished or be scheduled to finish formal education of all elementary, middle, high school courses by the date of arrival. (Undergraduate)

– Hold a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree by the date of arrival. (Graduate)

Important Notice: 
Applicants who have previously enrolled in a university in Korea are not eligible to apply to the KGSP program. Specifically, an applicant who has previously enrolled in any undergraduate program, master’s program, or doctoral program in Korea cannot apply for this program.

However, a KGSP scholar who has graduated can apply for this program again only via the embassy and only if he/she holds a TOPIK score of at least Level 4 and obtains another recommendation from the Korean Embassy of his/her respective country of origin (re-application is limited to one instance).

– Possess a grade point average (G.P.A.) above 80% from the last educational institution attended. 


Procedure for the Scholarship Award

*NIIED invites the Korean Embassy in the invited country or a domestic university to recommend potential candidates.
*Applicants should submit all documents related to their scholarship application to the Korean Embassy in their country of residence to or the domestic university concerned.
*The Korean Embassy or the domestic university sends proper candidates to NIIED with the required documents.
*NIIED evaluates potential candidates and notifies the Korean Embassy of the final selected KGSP grantees. 
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