Model Test (Open Book Examination)

Sub: Chemistry Course: Chem-231F

Time:1:30 h

Test No. 01                                                                                     Total Marks: 5 x14=70

  1. Classify the cubic system in terms of unit cells.
  2. Show the tetrahedral and octahedral positions of cation/ anion in the unit cell.
  3. Draw the crystal structure of TiO2 and write down its main features.
  4. Define the term “viscosity”. Phosphoric acid is more viscous than sulphuric acid-explain why?
  5. Draw the structure of CuSO4.5H2O
  6. KHF2 exists but KHCl2 does not-explain why?
  7. Explain the strength of acidity (both for organic and inorganic acids) on the basis of H-bond.
  8. What is Madelung constant? Mention the factors on which this constant depends.
  9. Write the Kapustinskii equation and explain the terms involved in it.
  10. 3s23p6 configuration is more ionic than that of 3s23p63d10-explain why?
  11. Give a list of bonds, which are usually observed in higher boranes.
  12. Write down the factors on which the lattice enthalpy of a compound depends.
  13. On what condition, a compound will be soluble in water?
  14. What is “styx” number? Find out the “styx” number of B5H9 and draw its structure.