International Programmes in Germany 2018

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Study in Germany for International Students in Details

Higher study (MSc. and Ph.D) in the public universities located in Germany is totally free of cost for International Students. This is why every year a large number of students from all around the worlds are going to Germany for their studies.

Why Germany!
1.       German universities offer excellent teaching and research atmosphere
2.       World famous institutions/ universities are located here
3.       No tuition fees for study
4.       Scholarships with handsome amounts  are available for international students
5.       German is economically more powerful country
6.       Degrees obtained from German universities are highly respected by world wide.
7.       International students  ( in German) can collaborate their research works with others European countries
Degree Offered
1.       Bachelors
2.       Masters
3.       Ph.D
4.       Post-doc
5.       Diploma
Media of instruction for International Programmes: Should have good fluency in English
Semester/s: Two semesters per year
1.       Summer semester: April-September ( Application deadline: December –January)
2.       Winter semester    : October-March  (  Application deadline: June –July)
Duration and requirements for Degree
1.       3-4 yrs for Bachelor’s (HSC pass or 12 yrs education experience)
2.       2 yrs for Master’s        (Bachelor’s degree)
3.       3-4 yrs for Ph.D            ( Master’s degree with thesis background)
Important documents for Admission
1.       CV
2.       All educational transcripts and certificates
3.       IELTS score: 6.0-6.5
4.       Motivation Letter: Applicant has to provide a motivation letter to the Admission Committee.  A good motivation letter  can be written by answering  the following questions:
i. What is your professional goal? In which sector would you like to work after obtaining your degree?
ii. Why do you want to study in Germany?
iii. Why do you think you are the right person for this programme?
iv. Why do you think that the university and the offered programme are interesting and suitable for you?
5.       Recommendation Letters: Two letters of recommendation are generally required for the application. The first one should be taken from your project or thesis supervisor.  You can also collect this letter from Chairman of the Department, Dean of the Faculty, Class Teachers etc.
6.       Publication/s: Research articles published in the international peer reviewed journal (Having Impact Factor) may increase the chance to get admission and other facilities.
Visa Process: After getting offer letter, applicant should proceed for Visa. For more information about visa requirements, applicant can contact the German embassy in applicant’s home country. The following documents are needed for visa application:
1.       Offer Letter
2.       All academic certificates
3.       Recommendation letter  from the Chairman of home university
4.       Statement of monthly stipend/ Scholarship (if any)
5.       Statement of Bank account  in Germany ( Block account)
Living Cost: 400-500 Euros (Varies from town to town)
Available scholarships and funds
1.       DAAD (must have job experience in the home country)
2.       Erasmus Mundas
3.       University Funds ( after 2ndsemester, one can apply for this fund)
4.       Research assistantship
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Part time job opportunity: Part time job is allowed for international students.  By doing part time jobs ( 120 full day/year), one can save handsome amount of money to meet their basic requirements ( semester enrollment fee is 160 USD) while living in German.
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