Level: Ph.D

Project/s: Hydrogen fuel cells and their applications

Research Overview

This PhD is part of the Midlands Energy Consortium and is run in collaboration with the Centre for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Research at the University of Birmingham. This programme combines taught modules with the opportunity to research pioneering hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.
The Midlands Energy Consortium comprises the universities of Nottingham, Birmingham and Loughborough as well as industry partners. Students have the opportunity to become specialists in the new sustainable technologies of the future.

Within this Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) there are 50 academics across several disciplines, focusing on chemical engineering, but including chemistry, physics, mathematics, materials, social science and built environment.

These specialists contribute to the five main research themes:
• Polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
• Solid oxide fuel cells
• Portable fuel cells
• Hydrogen production and storage
• Electrolysis

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