Level: Ph.D

University:  Macquarie University, Australia

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Project: Intelligent nanoparticles: interactive tools to decode brain activity
Project Description
Understanding how the brain works is one of the greatest challenges in modern science. This project seeks to create a suite of designer nanoparticles and integrated nanoparticle devices capable of real-time sensing of small analytes and adaptive responses With their capacity for real time sensing and precise drug delivery in complex biological samples, they will address the challenges of the current molecular diagnostic technology. They will be able to selectively perform their actions in a functionally heterogeneous mixture of different cell types communicating via secreted products (signalling molecules, neurotransmitters, exosomes etc). They will expose previously unmeasurable cellular events and help to establish their physiological effects. Eventually, these intelligent nanoparticles will be integrated to the device for in vivo diagnosis and therapy. This will lead to revolutionary insights into the complex dynamics in the living brain and transform leading edge in neuroscience and analytical chemistry. Applicable in vitro and in vivo, this novel approach responds to the key research challenge of our times, the understanding of brain activity. Broad national and international collaborations and industry partnerships will amplify the project impact.
Associate Professor Guozhen Liu
+61 2 9850 8302