Level: MSc. and Ph.D
Host/ Institution: All Institutions and Universities in S. Korea

South Korea is one of the world’s developing powers with a high standard of living and a growing economy.  Educational institutions of this country also give credit transfer opportunity to international students.  There are some scholarships in case of Master’s and Doctoral studies in various fields for international students in this country.  Therefore, international students can choose this country for their higher studies. 
Offered program: 
 1. Undergradute ( Bachelors degree)
 2. Graduate ( MSc. and Ph.D)
     Semester/s: Most of the universities in the S. Korea offer two semesters in a year

1. First Semester : March to June
2. Second Semester: September to December
Admission requirements:
1.  Bachelors degree: Minimum HSC pass

      2.  Masters degree: Should have BSc. (Hons) degree
  3. Ph.D  degree: should have Masters/MSc. degree with research experience 
        Duration: 4yrs for Bachelors degree, 2yrs for MSc., 2-3 yrs (Full time study) for Ph.D degree
*   *Tuition and other expenses :There is difference in tuition fees between Gov.University and Private     University.
      Tuition Fees: $4000-10,000 (per year, without food and accommodation 
** For Scholarship Holder : Monthly Stipend at least 700000 won ( BK21, 900000 won/month)
     Waiver: Tuition fees, Course fees, Examination fees

Part time Job opportunity:
After finishing 1st semester successfully, an international student can apply for the permission of part time job to the University Authority (Office of International Affairs) with proper channel (through supervisor for MSc and Ph.D students).  In order to get good part time job, one should know Korean language very well. Student can do part time job at least 20h per week.
Place for part time job: Restaurants, Library, Laboratories of corresponding University, other institutions, English translator, English Tutor, Snack bar, Coffee shops, production industries etc.
Application Procedure for Admission:
For MSc and Ph.D degree, you had better contact the Korean professors through their e-mail. If you become success to manage a supervisor, everything will be ok for you to get admission. Your may get important information regarding your scholarship, admission and much more from your supervisor. You have to maintain good relationship with your supervisor.
You will get necessary information regarding your admission (how to apply, deadline and information about existing scholarships) by visiting the web-site of the corresponding universities.
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